bloggy conference at cedar point Lynsey Kmetz

Lynsey Kmetz

Speaker 2021

Increasing Your Income with Affiliate Marketing

Lynsey Kmetz is the Managing Director of a digital agency focused on affiliate program management, public relations, influencer, and paid advertising.

Her collective work as a content creator and experience in the direct sales industry led her to be the focal point of strategy and operations at this fast-growing company, Apogee Agency.

Her strong Type-A personality fuels her passion for helping people create their own financial success while maintaining balance and spending time on what matters most. Lynsey has spoken at more than 20 conferences around the country on topics ranging from growing online businesses to SEO tools and strategies for small business owners.

An ESTJ, Enneagram Type 3, and Leo in every sense of the word, Lynsey loves being on stage and brings actionable steps mixed with humor and storytelling to keep her audience engaged and entertained.

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