Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point

Lindsay Dollinger

Speaker 2022

Topic: Starting a Podcast to Grow Your Brand

Starting a Podcast to Grow Your Brand will cover:

✅ Tools you need to start your podcast (many for free or that you already have!)

✅ The basic structure of a podcast that converts traffic

✅ Simple ways to promote your show

✅ How to use podcast guests to get in front of new audiences

✅ How to promote your own website and products on your show

✅ and more!

Lindsay Dollinger is a high school Spanish teacher, Disney lover, dog mama, business coach and podcaster. She got started with blogging in 2015 with the creation of a travel blog, which quickly led to a world of online business and social media that she didn’t know existed. To first monetize in addition to being a brand affiliate, she grew a top 1% network marketing business while working full-time and starting a podcast in 2020, and that’s when she realized that she could teach (coach) others to do the same regardless of their business model. Her product suite now includes a membership, a mastermind, a digital planner and tracker, courses, affiliate marketing, and more, all which she promotes and drives traffic to from her website and podcast.

July 2022 marks two years of consistent podcasting and her show, the Purpose and Pixie Dust podcast, continues to grow in downloads and direct people to her website and services. She loves teaching others the strategies and tools she has used to grow her own businesses in limited pockets of time, while having fun (that’s the pixie dust part) doing it.

Anyone can start a podcast TODAY and my hope is that by the end of the session, you are inspired to start your own show and have a simple roadmap to help you get started!

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