briana beaty

Briana Beaty

Speaker 2022

Topic: 9 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Briana, our founder is raising her family in The Palm Beaches. She has a degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing from the University of Florida. Before becoming a Palm Beach Mom she had a career in the hospitality and marketing space in South Florida. She enjoys time with family and friends, gardening, reading, yoga, fitness, and travel.

The Palm Beach Moms started as a closed Facebook group in 2007, Palm Beach Mommas. Instead of texting at 3am the group of fellow new moms we could silently post questions. “Has anyone else ever…” “Will I ever sleep again?” “What questions should I ask when interviewing a nanny?” “I have baby items to donate, where can I drop them” “Do you need a Nanny, message me I have a great one.” Much like the hungry caterpillar it grew and grew so rules had to be laid out. No advertising, fundraising, events, promotions, selling of any kind – despite the many requests. To this day it remains a private haven for over 10,000 local moms to seek comfort, support, and advise.

Much like the caterpillar, we move from our cozy little cocoon to this more public and available platform. The butterfly result is a website with a blog, public social media, partnership and advertising for brands we personally trust and enjoy.

This is truly a co-op of local moms, sharing tips for life with littles in the Palm Beaches and beyond.

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