Florida-based doodle and lettering artist Beth Watson has been honing her skills since she first drew on the living room floor with a red crayon at age 6. Originally a Marketing Executive, she was drawn back to her artistic roots full-time in 2019 and has been creating ever since. She loves to tackle everything creative making original projects with paint, canvas, wood, markers, glue, and paper.

Beth enjoys bringing a unique twist to her designs by incorporating traditional materials in unconventional ways. She has blended her hand lettering skills with her drawing experience, and creative designs, bringing about the perfect marriage of her passions. Her creative outlets are varied because she loves to challenge boundaries and tell stories with her art. Beth is passionate about teaching – – especially kids. She is a maker at heart, and her number one rule when creating is to have fun. Beth’s ideology can be summed up as “My life is a series of craft fails and huge successes, but it is the creative discovery that makes the journey worthwhile!”

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