Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point Ana Canon

Ana Canon

Speaker 2023

Topic: Using Chat GPT/Open AI to help you grow as a content creator

Session Points

1) What is Chat GPT/AI writing tools

2) 5 ways you use chat GPT as a content creator

3) My top favorite way to use Chat GPT + Live demonstration using Chat GPT

4) What jobs will AI tools like Chat GPT eventually replace and what you can do to stay relevant.

5) Limitations of Chat GPT

6) Chat GPT alternatives including lifetime access programs (and where to find them).

Ana got her start in the “online space” after starting and monetizing a wellness blog which she quickly monetized, (and eventually used to bootstrap her business) in 2016.

She went on to run her business full-time and left behind a stable 7-year career in Human Resources. She has since sold her blog, and spends most of her time mentoring new and aspiring Virtual Assistants and Entrepreneurs who want to utilize the power of social media to grow their businesses.

Ana’s goal is to help women overcome limiting beliefs and create a “plan B” for themselves by setting up a profitable online-based business (or blog) they love.

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