Alexandra Stapleton-Smith Bloggy Conference Cedar Point

Alexandra Stapleton-Smith

Speaker 2022

Topic: Tools and metrics to grow your blog

Alexandra Stapleton-Smith is the founder and CEO of Maker Forte and The Hedgehog Hollow. The award-winning Hedgehog Hollow, so named for her childhood memories of caring for hedgehogs with her grandfather in Great Britain, primarily focuses on hand-made greeting cards, although you will find an occasional DIY home decorating video or British holiday cooking tutorial. With Maker Forte, Alexandra believes in breaking the mold on what is considered crafty.

She believes every day should be a creative party, so you can make as you live. She brings to the market uniquely formulated products to fuel the imagination and help everyone say, “I’m a Maker too!” In just under 2 years, Alexandra has grown the company into a 7-figure business, and she shows no signs of slowing down now.

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