Adeina Bloggy Conference at Cedar Point

Adeina Anderson

Speaker 2023

Topic: How To Get Paid and Work On The Road As A Travel Blogger

Session Points

So many people are working remotely these days!

I have been a travel blogger for over 5 years now, and during my session I will teach you:

1. How I have created a career out of travel blogging.

2. How to get paid as a travel blogger.

3. How to work with CVB's and PR companies as a travel blogger.

4. How to set yourself up as the expert in your field by appearing on TV talk shows, writing for other outlets, and creating a YouTube channel.

Adeina is a freelance multimedia travel journalist for broadcast, digital, and print outlets.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, I am an on-camera talent as an expert, host, and reporter on travel, food, pet-friendly travel, safe and fun road trips, and outdoor fun. I film, report, produce, host, write and photograph live and taped segments, features, and articles.

Adeina is a content creator, blogger, speaker, moderator, and panelist with a focus on travel and the outdoors. Check out Adeina’s blog,

As a travel journalist, Adeina creates travel and outdoor adventure segments for broadcast outlets including the nationally syndicated show “The List,” and multiple local television lifestyle shows on NBC, ABC, CBS CW, and Fox affiliates in the top 50 TV markets including Tampa and Denver.

Adeina has written and photographed for outlets including A Girls Guide To Cars, Prime Women, and Microsoft Start.

Her specialties are unique and pet-friendly outdoor adventure, empty nest travel, adventurous road trips, weekend road trips, luxury travel, and exploring the most beautiful places in the United States.

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