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Amanda Held

Topic: Solving Procrastination through Radical Appreciation: How to gain clarity on your mission and accelerate success. Amanda Held is an equine specialist and facilitator who loves to help people shift their perception by clearing resentment, shame and guilt, so they can let go of fear and anxiety and live a life of radical ... More

Julie Cole

Topic: Social media for small business. How you can use social media to set you apart from your competitors. Julie is a recovered lawyer, the mother of six and Co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. Mabel’s Labels has grown from basement start-up into an award winning, celebrity endorsed and international phenomenon. As company ... More

Nedra McDaniel

Topic: Learn how to Rock Press Trips like a Pro Nedra McDaniel is the founder of Adventure Mom. Her desire is to inspire and encourage others to step out of their comfort zone to try something new. Over the past four years, Nedra has worked with travel destinations, attractions and brands. She is also an Insider Contributor ... More

Tonya Prater

Topic: Learn how to Rock Press Trips like a Pro Tonya Prater is the founder of The Traveling Praters, one family’s quest to explore the U.S. one city, state and road trip at a time. A recent empty nester, Tonya’s site began eight years ago when her family of five became full-time RVers. After a year and a half, they gave ... More

Opening Keynote: Brooke Taylor

Keynote: The Power of One Voice For nearly a decade, Brooke Taylor was the co-host of the “Family Friendly Morning Show” on 95.5. The Fish in Cleveland, OH. Currently, Brooke is the host of the popular podcast “Good Things Radio” selected as “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes. During her 20+ years in media broadca... More

Claudia Pennington

Topic: Why Every Blogger Should Do a Content Audit in 2017 Claudia is a marketing professional with more than 10 years experience. Claudia provides technical SEO audits and Google Analytics audits for websites large and small (ecommerce included) to improve traffic, rankings, and conversion rates. Claudia is certif... More

Roberto Blake

Topic: How to Get Started Vlogging: Taking your Blogs to Video Roberto Blake is a Creative Entrepreneur helping individuals and businesses develop engaging brands and content. He has a background in both design and marketing, which have allowed him to help his clients with visual branding as well creating content and ... More

Elisha and Elyssa Fernandez

Topic: Be Authentic in your Content in 3 Simple Steps Elisha and Elyssa are homeschooled 14 and 13 year-old sisters, best-selling authors, artists, entrepreneurs, and public speakers. They live in Fort Worth, TX with their family and they love spending time with them. They wrote I Love ME! at ages nine and ten, because ... More

Elayna Fernandez

Topic: Take Your Blog from Blah to Bold Elayna Fernandez, known worldwide as The Positive MOM, is a best-selling author, award winning mentor for moms, and an international keynote speaker. Recognized as Best Marketer, Mom Entrepreneur Of The Year, Best Latina Lifestyle Blogger, and one of the Top 100 Latina Influencers ... More

Alexis Tanner

Topic: How a Virtual Assistant Can Grow Your Blog Alexis Tanner is the Co-founder of Mommy Admin, a company that matches bloggers and small businesses to virtual assistants. Before that, Alexis blogged for over 6 years and was also a social media manager at a marketing group based out of California. Being a blogger and also ... More