Tasha Branham


Topic: Creating a Culture that Connects with Brands

Tasha Branham is a serial entrepreneur. She is currently the Creator and CEO of Naturally Smitten hair care products. Tasha developed a love for creativity and business at a very young age. She began to explore entrepreneurship at the age of 24. In the all of ’08 she launched her first business, Twice the Slice Design Agency, to provide services for businesses that marketed products and services to women. Tasha worked as a social media manager, consultant, graphic designer, copywriter and web developer for many start ups and medium-sized corporations.

Tasha left her 9-5 corporate career in the spring of 2010. Over the next few years, she launched several additional business ventures including a monthly subscription service, The Grapevine Box, which is geared at highlighting emerging brands. Tasha has experienced many successes and failures throughout her journey of entrepreneurship. Her resilience and drive have been crucial in her pursuit of success. In 2015, her hair care line, Naturally Smitten, was launched in select Walmart stores nationwide.Tasha has mastered the art of creating culture within a brand. She believes that the most important thing for brands and bloggers to do is to create culture to help consumers connect with a product or service. Throughout her career, she has implemented many successful strategies that have helped to make her each of her brands successful. Tasha continues to be a mentor to many. She is passionate about helping women to pursue their dreams. Tasha teaches many classes on the topics of branding, business, and social media to various organizations in the Central Ohio region. She has also spoken at the Christian Women in Media national conference to help equip other aspiring entrepreneurs, authors and actresses.