Sherryl Wilson


Squad: Affiliates

Sherryl is the founder of Simply Sherryl and Sherryl’s life is anything but simple. She is a Christian mom of seven with almost a dozen grandchildren. Having a big family means she has to find solutions that are simple. Her approach to life is both organized and imaginative so she has time to give her all to those who mean the most.

Sherryl gives honest opinions on products, services, and destinations because she believes that will encourage her readers to do more than they thought they could. She seeks to show them that life is about the people you love and the tasks for survival do not need to overwhelm you. It her unique approach to life that bring her readers back for her advice.

Sherryl has worked with brands that include Carnival, Disney, Lake Erie Shores & Islands, Red Gold, Southwest Air Lines, and Wyndham Vacation Rentals.