Elisha and Elyssa Fernandez


Topic: Be Authentic in your Content in 3 Simple Steps

Elisha and Elyssa are homeschooled 14 and 13 year-old sisters, best-selling authors, artists, entrepreneurs, and public speakers. They live in Fort Worth, TX with their family and they love spending time with them. They wrote I Love ME! at ages nine and ten, because they loves helping other kids become bully-proof, love themselves, and be the best they can be. They teach children and teens to love themselves and have self-confidence through their books, blog posts, and artistic expressions. Learn more about them at WhollyART.com.

In this empowering, high energy session, Bloggycon Attendees will learn:

– The 3 Ways to Being Authentic On and Off-line

– How to tell your WHY Story to Connect to the Audience

– How to Deal with Critics Easily and Effectively

– 3 Powerful Attitudes that Help you Relate to the Audience

– Practical Ways to Deeply Connect with your Target Audience

Bloggy Conference attendees will leave with a clear understanding of why and how they can write authentic content so they can start helping those around them and make a BIG difference in the world!

Join Elisha and Elyssa as they cover being authentic in today’s social media world.

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