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Amanda Held

Topic: Solving Procrastination through Radical Appreciation: How to gain clarity on your mission and accelerate success. Amanda Held is an equine specialist and facilitator who loves to help people shift their perception by clearing resentment, shame and guilt, so they can let go of fear and anxiety and live a life of radical ... More

Thaleia Maher

Squad: Homeschool Wife of 18 yrs. to high school sweetheart, Mother of 4, Sister, Daughter. Christ Follower. Talkative. Creative soul longing to help others. Generous in giving advice and helping others find free resources that meet their needs; be it for homeschool or life! I’m a big researcher and blogger who wants to ... More

Rosemary Bridges

Squad: Parenting Rosemary is a mother of two very active boys. Together with her husband, she documents raising her Bridges boys on RaisingBridges.com. Raising Bridges is a lifestyle, parenting, travel and entertainment blog. Rosemary has been blogging for 12+ years. She has also contributed to a hyper-local parenting site ... More

Pamela Frost

Squad: Lifestyle I'm a fun-loving mom who loves to inspire you on how to begin your running journey, share tips on runDisney races, traveling and sharing my love of all things geeky. When I was about to turn 40 years old in 2012, I set a goal for myself in June of 2011 to do a 5K run before I turn 40. Well I have done many ... More

Stephanie Huston

Squad: Newbie Stephanie is a homeschooling mom of three who is lucky enough to be married to her best friend. She runs on tea and sarcasm and requires both daily, not always in balanced proportions, in order to function. Over the last 2 years, she has made the transition from deal blogger to home & garden blogger. Happily ... More

Julie Cole

Topic: Social media for small business. How you can use social media to set you apart from your competitors. Julie is a recovered lawyer, the mother of six and Co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. Mabel’s Labels has grown from basement start-up into an award winning, celebrity endorsed and international phenomenon. As company ... More

Nedra McDaniel

Topic: Learn how to Rock Press Trips like a Pro Nedra McDaniel is the founder of Adventure Mom. Her desire is to inspire and encourage others to step out of their comfort zone to try something new. Over the past four years, Nedra has worked with travel destinations, attractions and brands. She is also an Insider Contributor ... More

Tonya Prater

Topic: Learn how to Rock Press Trips like a Pro Tonya Prater is the founder of The Traveling Praters, one family’s quest to explore the U.S. one city, state and road trip at a time. A recent empty nester, Tonya’s site began eight years ago when her family of five became full-time RVers. After a year and a half, they gave ... More

Opening Keynote: Brooke Taylor

Keynote: The Power of One Voice For nearly a decade, Brooke Taylor was the co-host of the “Family Friendly Morning Show” on 95.5. The Fish in Cleveland, OH. Currently, Brooke is the host of the popular podcast “Good Things Radio” selected as “New and Noteworthy” on iTunes. During her 20+ years in media broadca... More

Claudia Pennington

Topic: Why Every Blogger Should Do a Content Audit in 2017 Claudia is a marketing professional with more than 10 years experience. Claudia provides technical SEO audits and Google Analytics audits for websites large and small (ecommerce included) to improve traffic, rankings, and conversion rates. Claudia is certif... More